Korca City
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Hani i Pazarit

The History

Everyone who has visited the city of Korça at least once will undoubtedly visit the Old Bazaar. The Old Bazaar, which is the largest in the region, is an object of early historical, cultural and artistic value. It is characterized by one and two storey buildings, narrow alleys and a construction style that attracts visitors' attention by offering a wonderful view. As you enter the Old Bazaar of Korça, it appears one of the most beautiful and oldest buildings, "Hani i Pazarit". It has an ideal position to easily navigate to all of the city's artistic, historical and tourist attractions. This hotel is a unique experience of its kind. A 350 year-old inn transformed with a distinctive design in a hotel with all the conveniences. In the nineteenth century, this inn was the mainstay of the merchants coming from Turkey, Greece, Trieste and Venice. Elegance, culture, tradition, cleanliness, comfort and friendship offered as nowhere else are the basic elements of the hotel service and that's why Hani i Pazarit gives to everyone unforgettable, relaxed days and the desire to return again.

The transformation of the inn in a hotel and its restoration made it possible to build rooms that combine historical, neoclassical and modern lines. The fact that this building is a first-class culture monument conditioned and offered diversity in any environment. Hani i Pazarit is an ideal place to relax and spend a wonderful weekend, enjoying all the quality services offered by the hotel. A boutique hotel with 22 rooms and a suite that offers a stylish accommodation with all the needed comforts. This inn is the symbol of elegance and beauty, class and comfort, the location of the details that make it obviously distinctive and prominent as a structure that goes up to the levels of an artwork. The combination of neoclassical and modern styles make the rooms not to resemble one another.